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Yacht Charters Worldwide

Monday, 30 April 2012

Visit amazing yacht charter destinations in India

There are lots of ways to enjoy holidays in India. India’s infinite coastline and spectacular beaches provide exciting opportunities for sailing thus Charter Yachts are in demand nowadays. There are lots of sports and travel activities to enjoy on your sailing holiday such as Scuba diving, Snorkeling and traveling around the beautiful coastal regions.

There are quite a few well-known Yacht Clubs in India such as Goa Yacht Club, Mumbai Yacht Club and Cochin Yacht Club. Colaba Sailing Club, The Royal Bombay Yachts Club, Chandigarh Sailing Club and Secunderabad Sailing club are the major centers where you can learn a lot about yacht sailing. At Cochin you can rent a houseboat and a yacht for a memorable experience.  

Yacht Charter India
Yacht Charter India
From Cochin it takes around 14 to 20 hours to reach Lakshadweep. When you Hire a Yacht in India you can opt for air-conditioned luxury rooms. These rooms have two berth cabins and the first class air-conditioned rooms also have four berth cabins. Tourist class rooms also have air-conditioned seating provisions. There is a doctor on the ship as well . When you hire a luxury yacht you can go on a tour to discover the exquisite islands of Kalpeni, Kavaratti and Minicoy.

There is a package tour for three nights which will take you from Mumbai to Lakshadweep. In these yachts you will find first class rooms, luxury rooms and tourist rooms. You can easily select rooms as per your convenience. Cuisine includes Continental as well as Indian dishes. For an enjoyable journey you will find a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, a disco and a small casino aboard.
Lakshadweep is an ideal destination to explore with Yacht Charter in India. There are limitless opportunities for Snorkeling, Scuba diving and sunbathing. Several resorts offer a wide range of packages for trekking, a honeymoon and other activities.

Lakshadweep is the perfect spot for a summer vacation. Lots of tourists visit this spectacular destination for its tranquil beaches and the breathtaking natural splendor. Tourists also visit this region to take part in adventure sports.

Regardless of the reason, Lakshadweep is definitely a wonderful destination for your next Yacht Charter Holiday. Enjoy your trip!

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